Dream Interpretation Workshop

Dream Interpretation Workshop

DATE:Thursday, January 1st, 1970

TIME:12:00 AM



At this interactive Dream Interpretation Workshop, join Jessica McCormick, Life Coach and Dream Interpretation specialist for an afternoon focused on the exploration of dreams and how to understand them.

Dreams are an amazing tool for increasing self-awareness and for maintaining a deeper connection with your higher self or ‘Spirit’.

Dreams are real experiences we have while our body sleeps. In these experiences, we can receive guidance about our lives on many levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Dreams can bring practical wisdom about how to live our lives better and can bring answers to our deepest questions. Dreams also show us how to navigate life’s obstacles and ways to work through them with ease.

In this workshop learn:
– A practical, straight forward tool to help you interpret your dreams.
– Techniques to help you remember them better.
– How to create your own dream dictionary.
– And other aspects of dream interpretation.

What you should bring:
– A note book of some kind
– 2 dreams that you have had that you can work with.


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