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About Jessica

Jessica McCormick - Toronto Life CoachJessica McCormick is a personal success coach, executive coach, leadership facilitator and speaker. Raised in Toronto, Canada, Jessica was surrounded by wonderful parents and a community that inspired a passion for continuous personal growth and self-discovery.

With a keen interest in spirituality, personal development and holistic health, she began studying and working in the holistic world shortly after university by managing and aiding holistic practitioners with their marketing strategies. By immersing herself professionally in this environment, she was able to refine her already in-depth knowledge of various holistic techniques and philosophies about the connection between our psychology, energetic vibration and ability to live a connected, healthy, full life.

Now living in beautiful British Columbia, Jessica has become a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, ‘Access Bars’ practitioner.  By utilizing her in-depth understanding of spirituality, personal development, leadership and business consulting Jessica empowers individuals, businesses and teams to achieve greater success and fulfillment and strengthen their approach to life, business and leadership.

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